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Natural Waste Water Treatment

Waste to Resource
           Local to Global

Watasumi uses microbial communities to treat high-strength industrial wastewater from the food and drink industry. The treatment process uses energy within the wastewater itself, making the system sustainable.

Our approach uses modular units for decentralized installations and easy installation and maintenance. We provide leasing services for getting your systems up and running quickly.

Our product uses compact turn-key modules meaning they can be installed in places where conventional wastewater treatment systems cannot fit. Our installations are versatile and do not disrupt factory operation during installation.

The technology has been engineered to last a long time, upto 20 years as there are no consumable parts or mechanical parts that can break and cause downtime. The internal environment has been developed to support long term biological community growth and robustness.


A lot of our "deep tech" research was on designing internal electrodes that supports the microbial community and strengthens the ability for the bacteria to break down organics and treat wastewater. We take advantage of bacteria that produce electrons, which we harvest by the electrodes and produce an electrical current. This charge is shared throughout the whole reactor, in a process called Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer.


The methanogens within our community use this charge to produce methane (biogas) at a very stable rate. All of this means the system is very robust, has good functionality for many different types of wastewater, operating environments and the treatment is very efficient.

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